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Plan your holiday using the links on this page. They'll tell you almost everything you could possibly want to know, including what's on, how to get around and how to stay safe. And, of course, what the weather's like. For comprehensive info to help plan your journey, try the tourist board sites.
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new travel extras

travel extras
Travel extras
From car parking to travel insurance to mobile phrase books or airport lounge passes, holiday autos now offers a range of travel extras to make your holiday easier.
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Find your perfect hotel along with your car hire.
airport parking
Airport parking
Arrange your airport parking before you go with skyparkwww.
booster seat
BubbleBum Booster Seat
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UK government sites

Department of transport
Latest airport security advice
The Department for Transport website is a useful resource to find information on air travel and airport security such as baggage restrictions, travelling with children and general advice for travelling safely.
FCO travel advice
FCO | Know before you go
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides up-to-date and accurate information on travelling to specific countries.

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