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Hiring a car from Tunis international airport

Pick up your hire car in Tunis and head for a colourful and authentic taste of North Africa.

60-second guide to Tunis international airport

in its own head

"With our ancient medina and exotic allure, we're the greatest city in North Africa. There's so much to see and do in our city, we make Marrakech look like Margate!"

but more realistically

The medina in Tunis isn't quite as big and impressive as the one in Marrakech, but on the other hand it's much less hassly, less-overun with tourists and gives you a real flavour of North Africa.

the vibe

The city's medina quarter is fragrant, colourful and wonderfully chaotic, while outside of it you'll find a modern city - though one that is pretty relaxed in itself.

the natives

The locals are a friendly bunch, and while stall-holders in the medina will certainly try to haggle with you over price, they'll do it with a smile on their faces.

the weather

Tunis tends to be sweltering in summer months and cool and damp in winter. Be prepared for occasional storms and high winds.

the local speciality

Tagine-cooked lamb and cous-cous are to Tunisians what pie, mash and eels, are to cockneys - part of their staple diet.

the celebrity

Actor Ewan McGregor and, erm, that other bloke began their Long Way Down motorcycle trip through Africa in Tunis.

did you know?

The English Patient and Star Wars are among the films to be shot in nearby towns.

they say

"As you enter the narrow streets, centuries slip away and, like Alice, step into the looking glass to another world." - www.tourismtunisia.com

5 to see in town...

1. Cathedral of St Vincent de Paul

The spectacular Catholic cathedral was built by French colonials in 1882 and is a mish-mash of Moorish, Gothic and Byzantine styles.

where to park?

The closest parking is within walking distance of the Cathedral, an underground multi-storey car park, situated on Rue de Grece.

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2. Bab el Bahr

The 'Gate to the Sea' is basically a massive door in the middle of the medina built by the French in the mid-1800s.

where to park?

The underground car park situated on Rue de Grece is the closest parking location, although it is a tidy step from Bab el Bahr.

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3. Bardo Museum

If you're a big fan of ancient artefacts, check out this museum. The building itself is worth a visit - it was originally a 13th century palace.

where to park?

The closest car park is situated just north of the museum, in Khaldoun, which is under two miles away.

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4. Ez-Zitouna

This 9th century building is the biggest in all of Tunisia, and although non-Muslims can only venture as far as the courtyard, it's still worth a trip to marvel at the fine architecture.

where to park?

The underground car park on Rue de Grece is a short walk away.

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5. Dar Ben Abdallah

Ever wondered how a rich merchant of the Ottoman Empire went about his everyday life? No? Well, after a visit to this fascinating 18th century palace-cum-museum in the medina, you'll wonder why this never crossed your mind.

where to park?

It is possible to find parking a short walk away on L'avenue Ouled Hafouzz.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Carthage

Not far outside Tunis lies the ancient city of Carthage. It's mostly ruins there today - the Carthaginians, and their famous general, Hannibal, had a few scrapes with the Romans over the years and they did their best to destroy the place.

how to get there?

Carthage lies in the outskirts of Tunis, so head out of the capital along the coastal Avenue Habib Bourguiba and along the excellent paved roads for about 10 miles until you reach the city of Carthage, which is located on the eastern side of Lake Tunis.

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2. Tataouine

This town was the inspiration behind Luke and Anakin Skywalkers's home planet in Star Wars and many of the films' scenes were shot in nearby Matmata. Don't expect to see too many Hutts or Tusken Raiders knocking about though.

how to get there?

Head south east out of Tunis in the direction of Zarzis along the Roman road. After Zarzis head in the direction of Medenine and follow on towards Tataouine.

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3. Hammamet

This lively beach town is about half an hour outside Tunis and boasts some excellent beaches.

how to get there?

Hammamet, is situated about 40 miles south of Tunis. Head out along the motorway towards Sebala du Mornag.

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4. Sousse

One of the largest cities in Tunisia, Sousse has a large old fort, massive city walls and a more relaxed medina than Tunis. It also has some spectacular beaches.

how to get there?

Sousse is 90 miles south of Tunis. Follow the motorway out of Tunis heading towards Hammamet, then continue south for a further 50 miles in the direction of Reville until you reach Sousse.

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