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Hiring a car in Sydney

Rent a car in Sydney to cruise around Australia's coolest city and out to the beaches and mountains within a couple of hours’ drive of it.

60-second guide to Sydney

In its own head...

"As cool as London, Paris or New York but with sun and beaches - we're the best city in the whole world!"

...but more realistically

Sydney is a fair bit smaller than London, Paris and New York, but it does combine the best of city living with an agreeable climate and some jaw-dropping beaches.

The vibe

It's hard not to have a good time in Sydney. Just take the locals' lead - you'll find them enjoying a good drink and a bit of something great to eat near the many pretty waterside spots.

The natives

Almost as pretty as the city itself are the stunning and toned Sydneysiders. Given all the surfing, running and cycling they get up to it's hardly surprising they look so impressive.

The weather

Most of the time you won't need much more than a T-shirt, shorts and a pair of shades in Sydney.

The local speciality

To blend in with the locals, hunt out a pie floater. This traditional dish consists of a meat pie, upside down and floating in a pool of pea soup, topped with a dollop of tomato sauce.

The celebrity

Hollywood star Cate Blanchett lives in the exclusive Hunters Hill suburb of the city.

Did you know?

Sydney has the second largest fish market in the world in terms of variety. There are more than 100 different types of fish there.

They say...

"When it comes to which city is Australia's true global city, there's no argument - it's Sydney, with its sense of style, its love of sport and exuberant celebrations." - www.sydney.com

5 to see in town...

1. Sydney Tower

What better way of getting your bearings in this fabulous city than by visiting its tallest building and taking in the spectacular 360-degree view?

Where to park:

Park at the Piccadilly car park on Castlereagh Street. Rates are from AUS$24 for one hour. There is a AUS$20 flat rate after 5pm.

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2. Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is a hotspot of entertainment, housing the Sydney Aquarium, the world's largest IMAX cinema, casinos, markets, bars and restaurants.

Where to park:

Park at the Exhibition car park, off Darling Drive, for AUS$8 an hour.

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3: Sydney Opera House

If there's one building that just screams Australia, it's the Sydney Opera House. Your trip just wouldn't be complete without a visit.

Where to park:

There's a public car park on Macquarie Street. Rates start from AUS$9 for an hour, with a maximum charge of AUS$42.

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4: The Rocks

Explore Sydney's historic quarter, where Australia's first European settlers - a bunch of British convicts and their jailors - landed in 1788. You might not even notice that its fancy shops and galleries were once the buildings of a penal colony.

Where to park:

There are several car parks in The Rocks area: Mirvac Parking and Secure Parking on Harrington Street, Premier Parking in the Clocktower Shopping Centre and Wilson Parking on George Street.

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5: The Queen Victoria Building

This 1890s architectural masterpiece was originally the city's municipal market, but now houses some of Sydney's most exclusive boutique shops.

Where to park:

Park at the York Street car park, which will cost you a flat rate of AUS$15. After 5pm it's only AUS$12.

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and 4 to drive to...

1: Blue Mountains National Park

Just 52 miles west of Sydney are one million hectares of World Heritage-listed landscape, with stunning blue-hazed cliffs that are perfect for bushwalking.

How to get there:

Head west out of the city, following the signs to Parramatta, and join the M4 at Strathfield. Follow the M4 to Lapstone and join Route 32, which will lead you to the entrance of the national park. It'll take you around 90 minutes.

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2: Palm Beach

Fans of Home and Away will love this. This golden stretch of sand known as ‘Summer Bay’ marks the most northern point of Sydney and the peninsula of Pittwater. Swim, bathe, and keep your eyes peeled for TV stars.

How to get there:

Drive the rental car north out of the city on Route 1. Take a right at Neutral Bay onto Route 10 and follow this all the way to the sand. The drive should take less than an hour.

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3: Bondi Beach

Head to Australia's most famous beach for a crash course in what most Sydneysiders do best: surfing, jogging, eating, drinking and hanging out on the sand looking hot.

How to get there:

A 30-minute drive east from the centre of Sydney - go down Oxford Street, which changes to Enfield Drive and then Bondi Road, which brings you to the south entrance of the beach.

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4: Hawkesbury River

For peace and tranquillity, the Hawkesbury River takes some beating. It boasts beautiful riverfront scenery and gorgeous small towns famous for their oysters.

How to get there:

Take the F3 freeway and head north. It'll take about an hour.

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