Hiring a car from Paphos airport

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Hiring a car from Paphos airport

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because Cyprus is an island, it’s small. It is in fact the third largest island in the Mediterranean and has both beautiful beaches along its coast and snow-capped mountains at the centre. There’s a lot to see and do, and the only way to get to most of it is with your own hire car.

That all-important first mile: driving out of Paphos airport?

Paphos airport Q&A

Where are the car hire desks?

The Paphos Airport car hire desks are located in the arrivals hall.

What should I buy at duty free?

Cyprus produces some of the best honey you’ll find anywhere in the world. Bring some back to smear on toast, pancakes - or anything else you can think of when you get home.

Are there any cashpoints?

Cash machines and a money exchange bureau can be found on the airport’s main concourse.

Where's the best place to eat?

There are a couple of restaurants and cafes offering meals and snacks inside the airport.

The secret tip

If you want a regular cheese sandwich, steer clear of Haloumi. This salty, often fried cheese, made of blended sheep and goat milk is delicious, but not something to put with pickle.

Paphos airport the gateway to...


Distance: 6 miles

Said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, this could be the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Take dreamy moonlit walks along the beaches, gaze starry-eyed at one another over a candle-lit dinner and squint lovingly at each other in all that sunshine.

Troodos Mountains

Distance: 40 miles

If all that gooey romance gets too much, make the most of your rental car in Paphos and head inland to the Troodos Mountains. Here you can go cycling, hiking or even skiing. This region is cut out for pretty much any activity that makes hand-holding and whispering sweet nothings almost impossible.

Coral Bay

Distance: 15 miles

This crescent shaped beach is a popular spot with tourists and it’s obvious why. The sand is soft, the waters clear and warm and there are plenty of sunbeds. Just a short walk from the sand are local cafés and bars for refreshments, or if you wait, the chances are someone will come along to sell you an ice-cream where you lay. Bliss.