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Hiring a car in Orlando

Pick up your hire car at Sanford Airport and get ready for thrills and spills in the world's greatest entertainment hub.

60-second guide to Orlando

in its own head

"We are the FUN centre of the universe, with an astronomical amount of theme parks - more than anywhere else in the world, as it happens."

but more realistically

Yes, if you love theme parks, you're going to love Orlando - you and the other 52 million other thrill-seekers who visit every year. What do you expect if you're going to the home of Disney World?

the vibe

Enjoyable and family orientated. You might even be able to catch a few calming breaths while the kids rocket around on another gargantuan rollercoaster.

the natives

Nearly everyone you meet will be a pearly-toothed theme park worker. Have a nice day!

the weather

Orlando enjoys just two seasons each year: hot and rainy (from June to September) and dry (October to May). The temperature rarely drops beneath the 20s during summer.

the local speciality

If you like an all-day buffet, then welcome to paradise. Otherwise, you can enjoy the usual mixture of American cuisine... which is, of course, pretty much anything.

the celebrity

Legendary golf genius Tiger Woods is a local Orlando boy. He no doubt learnt his trade deftly placing golf balls to the right side of a windmill and into Mickey's open mouth.

did you know?

Walt Disney decided to build Disney World in Orlando after concluding that there was too much of a hurricane threat in sunny Miami.

they say

I loved the quaintness of Orlando in those days. It was an old farm town, a great place, but not really on the map." - golfer Arnold Palmer on a time before theme parks

5 to see in town...

1. Disney's Boardwalk

If the over-the-top mayhem of Disney World doesn't quite match your chilled out vibe, this could be just the ticket. It's essentially a calmer version of its more energetic cousin.

where to park?

Parking is available throughout the Disney Resort at a cost of $11 a day.

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2. Lake Eola

Were a child to describe a lake in paradise, it would look like this. It comes complete with big cheerful rainbow fountain.

where to park?

There is metered parking surrounding the lake that is free on Sundays and holidays. The other option is garage parking in nearby Central Boulevard or Church Street.

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3: Holy Land Experience

For those having trouble making the Bible sound exciting to the nippers, this should do the job. Five acres of Biblical reconstruction, you can even loiter around in Herod's palace, looking suspicious.

where to park?

Extensive parking is available inside the resort at no extra fee.

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4: Universal Studios

Obviously there is absolutely no point in heading out to Florida if you're not going to go bonkers at a theme park. Fancy thundering around an almighty rollercoaster, sir? Yeah, course!

where to park?

There is a huge enclosed parking garage that costs $12 a day. There's even an on-site kennel!

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5: Larry P Leu Gardens

After the buzz of activity, unwind with a visit to 50 acres of picturesque gardens, boasting pretty flowers, impressive plants and, most importantly, fresh air.

where to park?

You can park on-site for free at the Gardens.

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and 4 to drive to...

1: Central Florida Zoo

Who doesn't love a zoo? Here, you can stare open-mouthed at cheetahs, leopards, spider monkeys... and a goat!

how to get there?

The zoo is approximately 21 miles from central Orlando, north on the I-4.

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2: Gatorland

This place really needs no explanation. It would make an amazing film title, a brilliant book title, but as it is, it's just the best damn alligator place on the whole planet.

how to get there?

Travel south from the centre of Orlando on the US-441. Gatorland is about 15 miles away.

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3: Kennedy Space Center

If you want to mix education with fun, then this zany outer space place should absolutely rock your world. Kids love hearing about the moon and rockets. Fact.

how to get there?

Head east out of Orlando on the SR-408,p then join the SR-50 and follow signs. It's about an hour and 20 minutes drive.

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4: Daytona Beach

Want to drive your hire car on the beach? Here you actually can - and it's not even illegal.

how to get there?

Take the I-4 north of Orlando. It leads all the way to Daytona Beach in around an hour of driving.

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