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Hiring a car in Munich

Pick up your hire car at Munich airport and enjoy the blend of tradition and modernity that makes this Bavarian city the one that most Germans want to live in.

60-second guide to Munich

in its own head

"It's not all beer halls, lederhosen and Bavarian sausages, you know. We're the height of sophistication these days. Look at our designer boutiques!"

but more realistically

It's not all beer halls, lederhosen and Bavarian sausages... though there is quite a lot of that. But Munich is indeed a sophisticated European city with vibrant nightlife, world-class museums and trendy shops too.

the vibe

While at first Munich might seem a little conservative, you'll soon realise the city knows how to let its hair down - how many other places have a 16-day party like Oktoberfest?

the natives

Munich's residents are a talented bunch. Five Nobel Prize winners are among those born in the city.

the weather

If you're travelling in winter, expect the weather to be pretty chilly - the temperature can reach as low as minus eight degrees in January, while summers tend to be hot.

the local speciality

Bavarian food? You could do wurst. Weisswurst, a traditional breakfast sausage made from finely minced veal and fresh bacon, is a popular banger.

the celebrity

Both Lenin and Hitler lived in Munich at points in their lives. Less sinisterly, so did Donna Summer and Queen's Freddie Mercury.

did you know?

One of Munich's most striking buildings, the BMW headquarters, was built in a novel fashion - builders started at the top and worked their way down to the bottom.

they say

"Quaint, grandfatherly, Munich - long considered about as cool as polka music on cassette - is Germany's hot spot of the moment." - the New York Times

5 to see in town...

1. Marienplatz

Munich's central square is a hub of activity. Along with a multitude of shops and restaurants, the area houses the symbolic New City Hall.

where to park?

The nearest car park is the Marienplatz garage Gmbh in Marien Platz.

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2. Olympiapark

The city's spectacular open space was constructed for the 1972 Olympics. England football fans will fondly remember the former national stadium, scene of the Three Lions's famous 5-1 victory in 2001.

where to park?

The park has four on-site car parks located in different areas of the park. One is in Block 8, another is in Busse, another is in Walther-Bathe-Wey and the last one is between Blocks 4 and 5.

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3. Alte Pinakothek

Madonna of the Carnation

where to park?

Free on-site parking is available for your hire car.

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4. Hofbrauhaus Beer Hall

The world's most famous beer hall. Park your car up for the night and book a taxi home - the beer here is served in gigantic glasses.

where to park?

Two car parks are nearby: the Marienplatz garage Gmbh in Marienplatz and the GP Parkhaus Betriebs Gmbh.

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5. Schwabing

The trendy bit of Munich, this is the former artists' quarter and lederhosen-free zone where you'll find numerous cool bars, cafes and restaurants.

where to park?

There is free and paid car parking available in any of the nearby hotels.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Salzburg, Austria

If The Sound of Music is one of your favourite things, why not drive to the Austrian city of Salzburg, where the famous musical was set.

how to get there?

Head east out of the city on the A8. It takes you all the way to Salzburg in around an hour and a half.

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2. Nuremberg

This Bavarian city brimming with Gothic architecture and packed with a dark history - it was the setting for the famous Nuremberg trials and the Nazi rallies.

how to get there?

Head north out of Munich on the A9. After around 90 miles exit 54 takes you towards Nuremberg. It'll take about an hour and 45 minutes.

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3. Neuschwanstein Castle

The famous Bavarian castle has featured in several iconic films including The Great Escape, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and, er, Spaceballs.

how to get there?

Take the A9 south out of Munich to join the B472, then the St2038, then B2, then St2062. After that join the B23, St2059 and then B17, following signs to Hohenschwangau, from where the castle is signposted.

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4. Eagle's Nest, Austria

This mountain-top lodge in Austria was built by the Nazis. The views from it are stunning, though ironically Hitler suffered from vertigo and couldn't enjoy them.

how to get there?

Eagle's Nest is atop Mount Kehlstein, near Berchtesgaden. From Munich take the A8 into Austria, then the A10/E55, joining the B160 then B305. Follow signs from there. The journey is just short of two hours.

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