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Hiring a car in Las Vegas

Pick up your hire car at Las Vegas airport and head for the city of high-rolling glitz and glamour.

60-second guide to Las Vegas

in its own head

"You want it, we've got it! From craps to cabaret to Elvis impersonators to the 'quickie' wedding, the bright lights of Vegas offer a kaleidoscope of entertainment unrivalled on the whole planet."

but more realistically

It's certainly unique, and possibly not to everyone's taste, but for unadulterated pleasure the city famously known as Sin City is an experience unlike any other.

the vibe

Rollercoasters, poolside cocktails or awe-inspiring flights over the nearby Grand Canyon by day; high-rolling glitzy gaming in legendary hotels like the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and the Mandalay Bay by night.

the natives

It's a town geared towards tourists, so expect megawatt smiles everywhere.

the weather

Las Vegas summers can be brutally hot and humid - it's in the middle of a desert after all - so aim to visit during the spring and autumn months of March, April, September and October.

the local speciality

You can't visit Las Vegas without sampling one of the legendary all-you-can-eat buffets. Cruise the strip for the cheapest deals and shortest queues.

the celebrity

Award-winning rock band The Killers hail from Vegas.

did you know?

There is apparently one slot machine in Las Vegas for every eight inhabitants.

they say

"Las Vegas looks the way you'd imagine heaven must look at night." - Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club

5 to see in town...

1. Caesars Palace

Situated at the heart of the Strip, this famous hotel has hosted concerts by top names such as Elton John, fights featuring Muhammad Ali and daredevil motorcycle jumps by Evel Knievel.

where to park?

There's a five-storey parking garage at the hotel.

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2. Ride a gondola at The Venetian

It's not the Grand Canal but close your eyes as your gondolier serenades you along The Venetian's lagoon setting and you'll soon be hankering for a Cornetto.

where to park?

Once again, the hotel provides complimentary valet and self-parking for your hire car.

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3. See the lions at The MGM Grand

You've seen the famous lion roaring at the beginning of an MGM film - now see one up close. The Lion Habitat is a unique enclosure used as a showcase for public education and appreciation of these majestic animals.

where to park?

Free parking is available at the habitat, which is 12 miles from the hotel itself.

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4. The fountains at The Bellagio

Watch water dancing to the strains of Celine Dion. The Bellagio fountains have been attracting tourists for years - check the schedule timings to ensure you get there for the first spray.

where to park?

Metered street parking is available on Las Vegas Boulevard. If you are staying at the Bellagio, the hotel provides complimentary parking.

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5. The Little White Wedding Chapel

Synonymous with the quickie wedding, this famous venue has hosted such celebrity nuptials as Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow... and of course Britney Spears ill-fated and short-lived marriage to... what's his name?... in 2004.

where to park?

The Chapel has its own car park. Although if you're actually getting married they'll pick you up for free in a limousine.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Mule rides in the Grand Canyon

If you don't think a desert can be beautiful, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Strip atop a trusty mule. Make a day of it as packed lunches are provided.

how to get there?

Las Vegas is a long way from anywhere, but it's worth taking the five-hour trip to Grand Canyon. Head north on I-15.

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2. Death Valley

Striking in both beauty and heat, this is one of the hottest places on earth. Look out for Artist Drive, where the rocks have been stained by minerals, creating spectacular colours.

how to get there?

Head north-west on US-95. It should take around three hours before you get to Death Valley.

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3. Hoover Dam

As one of the largest dams in the world it's rated as one of America's Seven Modern Civil Engineering Wonders. Take the elevator down into the inner-workings of the dam, or take a boat trip on the reservoir, Lake Mead.

how to get there?

Go south on N Rainbow Blvd and head out on US-95. It will take an hour to get to the Hoover Dam.

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4. Zion National Park

Visitors here walk on the canyon floor and look up, rather than looking down from the rim. Hike, bike or horseback-ride among monoliths and cliffs, sandstone canyons and high plateaus.

how to get there?

Head north on I-15. It will take just over three hours to get from Las Vegas to Zion National Park.

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