Hiring a car from La Rochelle airport

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Hiring a car from La Rochelle airport

La Rochelle is a beautiful city to visit. It’s architecture; the sunsets over the Bay of Biscay and the gastronomy are all a treat for the senses. But, just beyond the city, inland or out to sea, lie islands, traditional villages and places of natural beauty that are a treat for the soul.

Why hire a car at La Rochelle airport?

That all-important first mile: driving out of La Rochelle airport?

La Rochelle airport Q&A

Where are the car hire desks?

The airport is a small one, so finding the car hire desks in the terminal building will be easy.

What should I buy at duty free?

The west of France is the country’s best region for producing goat’s cheese. In fact, one third of all the goats in France are reared and milked in the Poitou-Charentes region which is little more than an hours’ drive in your new rental car from La Rochelle. Take some home, but be sure to wrap it well so people don’t think you have a case full of unwashed socks.

Are there any cashpoints?

ATM’s and a bureau de change are available in the arrivals hall.

Where's the best place to eat?

The L’Escal Express cafe in the terminal building serves up fresh, tasty food from Monday to Friday. At weekends a snack bar is available.

The secret tip

It’s common in France to greet one another with a light kiss on the left and right cheek, so if someone leans in, don’t mistake it for anything else and attempt to plant one on their lips, or, just give them one kiss on the cheek and leave them hanging waiting for another; awkward.

La Rochelle airport the gateway to...

La Rochelle

Distance: 3 miles

This port city on the west coast is one of the most historically rich, picturesque places to visit in France, yet at the same time, its student population and high number of visitors ensures it maintains a modern air. Spend your days among castles, aquariums, the boutiques of the Rue de Palais, or simply sip coffee in one of the many cafes and watch the world saunter by.

Île d’Oleron

Distance: 43 miles

This island is the place locals head to for a bit of down time. Accessible by a 2.8km bridge straight over the Bay of Biscay, you can come here to relax, sunbathe, sample freshly caught seafood from any of the island’s ports or horse ride across the sand dunes and inlets.

Baie de l'aiguillon nature reserve

Distance: 13 miles

This nature reserve north of La Rochelle makes a perfect getaway for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of busier tourist hotspots. Spend some time here camping, fishing, swimming, cycling or just meditating. OM..........