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Hiring a car in Greece

It's not all about the sunbathing. With car hire in Greece you can head to the western islands and experience rugged mountain terrain. If you want to top up your tan then head east in your car rental and explore the many hidden bays Greece has to offer. One thing to remember about booking Greek car hire, you must have an international driving permit as well as your normal licence. Book cheap car hire in Greece today - we've great rates all year round. Don’t forget to try the homemade Tzatziki.

60-second guide to Greece

In its own head...

For Grecians, doing something, anything, is only worthwhile if it’s done to perfection. That’s how we do everything here.

...but more realistically

There does indeed appear to be a certain quality or intensity to everything in Greece, but nowhere is perfect. Sometimes, for example, it’s actually too hot.

The vibe

The heat does nothing to dull the passions of the Greeks; although beaches and tourist spots are generally laid-back, the cities are busy, energetic and eventful.

The natives

The Greek people value family, hospitality and being open to debate and discussion. Expect to be warmly welcomed and enthusiastically included.

The weather

The unique geography of Greece means that the weather varies dramatically from one region to another. However, wherever you go you’re likely to encounter incredibly hot spells which could be accompanied by rain or winds. If you have a toga, pack it. Take plenty of sunblock and when in Greece, rent a car with air conditioning.

The local speciality

The Greeks love their food, it is rich, tasty and there’s generally an abundance of it. There are of course regional variations, but make sure to order the meze at least once. Wear elasticated clothing, don’t eat before you go and prepare for the long haul -this meal of appetizers seems to have no end and you will not leave hungry.

The celebrity

Depending on your GCSE experience of Maths, you can thank or despise Pythagoras and Hipparchos, just two of the ancient Greek celebrities who gave us mathematics.

Did you know?

Although Greece is credited with giving the world democracy, modern Greeks are given no choice in whether they vote - it is a legal requirement.

They say...

Experience endless miles of aquamarine coastline, sun-bleached ancient ruins, strong feta and stronger ouzo. The Greek landscape thrills, and Greek people are passionate about politics, coffee, art and gossiping. - Lonely Planet

Top destinations

car hire in Athens

Top driving tip

Even-numbered and odd-numbered licence plates are only allowed into the city on alternate days.


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car hire in Corfu


Top driving tip

Most roads are three lanes wide: the middle lane is used for passing in both directions.


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car hire in Crete

Top driving tip

Only use your horn in towns if in extreme danger. It's illegal otherwise.


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car hire in Kefalonia


Top driving tip

Be on the lookout for livestock re-enacting the Great Escape.


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car hire in Rhodes

Rhodes. Officially the sunniest place in Europe. Drive your car hire to The Valley of the Butterflies. If millions of flying insects scare the bejesus out of you, don't go. For more fun in the sun, book cheap car hire in Greece and head to Faliraki. If you are over 30 think twice about it. It's about 20 minutes from Rhodes airport in the car.

Top driving tip

Take care at crossroads. Traffic lights are few and far between.


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