Hiring a car from Alghero airport

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Hiring a car from Alghero airport

Pick up your hire car at Alghero airport to enjoy the quiet and understated charms of this Sardinian city.

60-second guide to Alghero airport

in its own head

"We blend the best of our Italian and Catalan heritage into a gorgeous historical town on Italy's second-biggest - but definitely best - island!"

but more realistically

Sicily might have something to say about it, but Sardinia is certainly an alluring destination and Alghero, with its culture, history and great food, is one of its highlights.

the vibe

With pretty cobbled streets home to excellent bars and restaurants, the vibe is a quaint and relaxing one.

the natives

Tourism is big business, and the 42,000 or so locals will offer you a very kindly Sardinian welcome.

the weather

A good Mediterranean climate, meaning that in mid-summer temperatures soar well into the 30s, while in winter it averages around 14 degrees during the day.

the local speciality

Malloreddus - a special type of pasta - is good with a tomato and spicy sausage sauce.

the celebrity

For those who choose to believe in Roman mythology, Neptune, God of the Sea, apparently owns some impressive local caves.

did you know?

Although predominantly Italian, almost a quarter of the locals still speak a regional Algherese, which is a local version of Catalan.

they say

"People from Alghero differ from other Sardinians not only because of the antic Catalan language, but also because they prefer to enjoy the sun, the beaches, and the cafes rather than anything else." - www.sardiniatourism.com

5 to see in town...

1. Cattedrale di Santa Maria

A whopping great 16th century church with grand pillars, if you're in Alghero you simply can't miss this - even if you tried!

where to park?

Traffic in the old walled town is restricted to residents' cars, but ample free parking is available for your hire car in the vicinity at Piazzale della Pace and along Via Garibaldi.

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2. Anghelu Ruju

Another engaging slice of history, this prehistoric site dates back to around 3300 BC and is home to at least 37 burial tombs.

where to park?

This is just a few miles from the centre of Alghero and parking is free and easy just by the entrance to the archaeological site.

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3. Church of St Michael

Like their pals over in Italy, Sardinians are known to be quite religious, and this is yet another one of their splendid churches.

where to park?

Another old town site, so if you have no luck at Piazzale della Pace, roadside parking is possible just south of the old town on Via Sassari, Via Cagliari and Via XX Settembre. It costs 50 cents per hour.

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4. Nuraghe di Palmavera

Another one for the archaeologists, this is the scene of the ruins from a very impressive palace from the 14th century BC.

where to park?

There's free vehicle parking for visitors along the SS127bis, right by the entrance to the site.

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5. Maria Pia beach

This boasts a long stretch of fine white sand that should satisfy even the most demanding sunbathing expert.

where to park?

There is plenty of free parking on the streets close to the beach.

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and 4 to drive to...

1. Neptune's Grotto

2. Bosa

3. The Roman Bridge

4. Sea kayaking, Palau