skiIt seems that Ski-Drive trips to resorts all over the world are becoming more and more popular with skiers and boarders alike, but what’s behind this new trend?

Regardless of whether you take to the slopes or not, anyone who’s visited a country with a cold climate knows that just the clothing required to keep warm can make for a lot of luggage. Then there’s the kit, the accessories and the general stuff we all take on holiday – hairdryers, toiletries, books… and before you know it you’re over your limit and paying excess fees to transport your luggage from one resort to another. For that reason alone Ski-Drive just makes sense. With a hire car, you can load up, head off, and hit the peaks, hassle free, but there must be more to it than that?

The Ski-Drive option undoubtedly reduces hassle and makes carrying kit a lot easier, but it can also work out to be much cheaper than internal flights. Even once you’ve calculated the costs of fuel, any tolls and the cost of renting a car itself, Sky-Drive is a money saver.

It seems that the only potential downside could be that driving to a resort may take longer than flying to it. However, this doesn’t seem to be putting travellers off. With more people booking Ski-Drive holidays, it seems that skiers and boarders are getting something else out of the arrangement. Could it be that by driving, the true snow lovers are experiencing a greater intimacy with the environment than they would if they viewed it only from an airplane window, and that is what really attracts them to taking up Ski-Drive options?

To find out what makes these ski-Drivers tick, Snowvole have teamed up with Holiday Autos, the global car hire broker, in a new partnership to support journalists and bloggers do a little research, and throughout the duration of a one week festival in La Plagne, they aim to kind out.

Mark Slater of says, “We are finding that increasing numbers of skiers and boarders are finding the Ski-Drive option to get to resorts more appealing. By sending researchers to our festival we hope to gather some information about the growing trend. Transporting 14 ski journalists and their assorted kit and equipment can be a bit of a headache, so having site sponsor Holiday Autos on side has meant one less thing for us to worry about, getting us to resort relaxed and in comfort and free to concentrate on the job in hand, reporting on the amazing snow conditions in La Plagne this season.”

Here’s hoping for fresh powder, blue skies and some cracking blogs and features about the festival and its events, plus the lowdown on the coolest thing about Ski-Drive trips from those in the driving seats.