sat-navI’m very lucky. Because I work for Holiday Autos, I get to travel – a lot. Ever since I was young and my grandfather took me on my first overseas holiday to Malta, I knew that visiting foreign countries, immersing myself in other cultures and trying their foods, their fashions, their way of life – which were so very different to mine – was something I was just destined to do.

Since then I’ve been very fortunate to live, work and travel in several countries all over the world. When I set out, I knew the very grandness of adventure itself was something that would never lose its thrill, but there have been some things which I never expected to get just as much of a kick out of – people watching in airports, sharing a drive so I get the passenger window view, and packing my case before I set off.

Over the years, what’s gone into my case has changed dramatically. Technology has advanced so quickly, but it’s only enhanced my travelling experiences. Here are my top tips for must-have travel gadgets.

Sat Nav

Without doubt, the one thing that simplifies driving in any country is a Sat Nav. We use a company called Zintech, which specialises in providing the latest kit to our customers to make sure that international car hire is a breeze. I couldn’t imagine driving without one now. They really take the anxiety out of the first few miles in any country although sometimes, I like to turn it off, get lost and be surprised by the road ahead.


I’ve always listened to music on the road. Every adventure needs a soundtrack and whereas years ago this meant carting a load of cassettes around, now I can carry my entire collection in one small gadget. Now I podcast audiobooks, comedy shows, all sorts of things, and download music I’m introduced to along the way. Because of it, my collection has grown very quickly – the sounds of foreign countries are almost as good as a journal for taking me back to a place, a time, a moment somewhere exotic.


When I’m at home, I stick to paper books, but it has to be said that for being on the road, the Kindle is exceptional. Now I can carry everything and anything with me, and like my music, I can tailor what I read to the place I’m in. Romance novels are a guilty pleasure I save for beaches.


I’m already looking forward to my next trip to test this one out. Whenever I’m on the move I like to keep a journal of my experiences, the foods I try, the places I visit, the encounters I have with local people. This technology is brand new. It works like a traditional journal, but the writing can be transferred directly to my PC when I get back. This means I’ll be able to back-up my paper diaries and search them for specific information in the future. For this reason alone, I cannot wait to get back on the road and start detailing my travels.