We all like to do things a bit differently on holiday, something which was proved by our recent Holiday Hacks competition. The challenge asked regular travellers to submit their best holiday hacks which they have previously used on trips abroad, with many of them being pretty nifty.

After sifting through many worthy entries, we eventually came to a decision by announcing two winners, each from two categories – consumers and travel bloggers. The winner of the consumer competition is Nicola Jones, while the blogger prize went to Emily Luxton.

Both winners will receive £300 in vouchers of their choice but how did they win it? They received the most votes for their holiday hacks, both of which are pretty easy to do if you think through what you need to do before you jet off to your sun-kissed destination.

Nicola’s innovative holiday hack involves taking essential toiletries and cosmetics – shampoo, toothpaste, body wash, lipstick and eyeliner – which are nearly empty on her breaks. That way, when her holiday is over, she can get rid of the packaging before packing her stuff up prior to boarding her flight home!

As for Emily’s top travel tip, she suggested using packing cubes inside suitcases as she has done over the years. These cubes are zip-up ones which act as portable shelves and can hold a surprisingly large amount of luggage. They’re also great for taking small amounts for weekend breaks if you want to travel light.

Many of the other ideas submitted to the competition were amazing too and are sure to give any savvy traveller something to think about the next time they head abroad. Maybe we’ll all start to bring half-empty shampoo bottles with us from now on!