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‘Driving Home for Christmas’ isn’t the favourite festive road trip tune; and six other things you’d never guess about the season to be jolly

In the immortal words of Alanis Morissette, isn’t it ironic? It turns out, ‘Driving Home for Christmas’, the classic track by Middlesbrough singer and guitarist Chris Rea, is not the favoured driving song of people in UK and Ireland, according to our recent ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ survey.

We quizzed people from the UK and […]

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Barbados; a beautiful island entrenched in History

When the island was originally settled in the 15th century, the Spanish discovered that the island was almost completely covered in dense jungle and had an exceptionally large population of wild pigs. The reason for this was that the Portuguese, who had discovered the island several years earlier, but left it unclaimed, had introduced […]

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8 Lessons about Greece you were never taught at School

The picturesque home of western thought, the Greek islands have a well-documented and impressive history. Names like Socrates, Aesop and Pythagoras are all common in the classroom but there are many things about Greece that you may not know. Millions of people visit every year in search of the mythical architecture and sheer cliffs […]

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Taboos in Turkey You Should Not Break

Understanding the values of Turkish society goes hand in hand with understanding, in part, the country’s history. Modern day Turkey’s founding father, Mustafa Kemal Atarturk, reformed the Ottoman Empire, building schools,    reducing taxes and championing equal rights for men and women in the early 1900s.  His honorary last name translates as “Father of […]

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Germany: 4 myths + 4 things that you wouldn’t believe are true

The Germans have never lost on penalties

When it comes to taking penalties the German national team has long been considered the best.

English football fans are particularly aware of this and, in club and international football, always expect German players to smash the ball home.

However, in 1976 something remarkable happened. The Germans came unstuck […]

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Israel

Tel Aviv is a surfer’s Paradise

The coastal city of Tel Aviv, which sits on the east Mediterranean, was recently voted as one of the best cities for surfers in the world. Stab Magazine in Australia included the city in its list of top ten surfing cities, alongside Cape Town, San Francisco and Barcelona. […]

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The only resources for your trip to France you’ll ever need


France has become such a ‘normal’ place to visit that the thought of needing resources rarely crosses anyone’s mind. After all you don’t need any medical jabs to protect from the baguettes, and Visa’s aren’t generally needed by anyone in the UK or Ireland. The truth, though, is that there are a good amount […]

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How to be Unpopular in Portugal

How to be Unpopular in Portugal Being unpopular is an art many of us perfected in our school years by staring at the floor when we walked along the corridors, and being terrible at yo-yoing in the playground. However, one day it usually clicks that pointing and laughing at your peers, or forgetting […]

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Why Cyprus Will Make You Question Everything?

At the top of Mt Olympus you can see out over the Troodos mountain range, taking in the north and south of a divided island. Cyprus is located in the Eastern Mediterranean, on the western waters of Syria and Lebanon, south of Turkey.

This is a mythological island that has an ancient history of conflict, […]

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5 Unexpected Tourist Spots in Italy

Italy sometimes seems like a postcard that everyone has seen, stacked on those spinning shelves next to teddy bears and little badges, with pictures of gondolas in Venice and gladiators in Rome.

But this is a country of more than 55 million people, many of whom don’t live in St Peter’s square or have the […]

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