Hiring a car from Sanford airport

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Hiring a car from Sanford airport

Sanford city is surrounded by some of Florida's largest lakes and is a perfect base to explore the wonders of Orlando from the top to bottom. We've made it easy to hire a car from Sanford Airportso you can set off and cruise along Florida's stunning coastal highways as soon as you land.

Why hire a car at Sanford Airport?

That all important first mile - driving out of Sanford Airport:

60-second guide to Sanford airport

in its own head

"The bricklined streets of Sanford and its historical maritime culture make the city one of the more humbling hideaways in Florida. Laidback living means that everyone takes it easy in Sanford - if it's a lively day out you're looking for then you can always hop in your hire car and drive down to Orlando."

but more realistically

You're not going to spend your entire holiday in Sanford, however it's surrounding lakes and laidback attitude makes it the perfect spot for chilling out between day trips.

the vibe

Everything from the warm Florida air, to the village-like atmosphere in Sanford invites you in. You won't feel out of place and because everything moves quite slow - it makes adapting to driving on the right-hand side of the road all the more easier.

the natives

It can seem like every other Sanford resident either has a boat or a seafood restaurant. As true Floridians, the people here love the water, so if you're not afraid to get wet - you're going to fit right in.

the weather

During summer, the temperatures can top about 34oC. Tropical rain can come down pretty fast in the summer- so you can always go out and play in it with like the local kids.

the local speciality

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to fresh seafood in Sanford. Try the tasty stone crab claws - one of the region's famous dishes. And if seafood isn't your thing, you can enjoy the mouth-watering crust of a Florida Key Lime Pie instead.

the celebrity

The 'A Listers' tend to stay near Miami and Tampa Bay in Florida, you won't see many superstars in the humble city of Sanford but if you take a drive along the coast to Palm Bay, you could run into the likes of Hulk Hogan, Matt Damon, the Williams sisters and many more.

did you know?

Florida was voted to have the third-best roads across the entire USA. Driving in this state simply must be done - it's a major part of the holiday experience. So why not book your Sanford Airport car hire with us today and you can test drive the roads yourself?

Sanford airport Q&A

Where are the car hire desks?

Once you collect your luggage and take a breather, head to the main hall to find the Sanford Airport car hire desks.

What should I buy at duty free?

In Terminal A you'll find a KidsWorks store - ideal for picking up gifts for the kids back home or even for keeping your own little ones occupied in the back seat of your new rental car.

Are there any cashpoints?

There are plenty of cash machines dotted around the main areas of the airport, plus a small bureau for exchanging your currency.

Where's the best place to eat?

There is a food court for light snacks and a couple of bars inside the airport. If you've already got that American appetite, a five minute drive away from the airport is The Cattle Ranch - a delicious steakhouse on South Sanford Avenue.

The secret tip

One of the best places to relax and pass the time before picking up your car hire at Sanford Airport, is the Budweiser Tap Room. Take a seat and treat yourself to a soft drink as you plan your first day.Once you're on the road, remember - you can legally turn right on a red light if you come to a complete stop and check the coast is clear first.

The big draw: Sanford airport

Distance: 16 miles

Lake Monroe is the perfect spot for tourists who want to explore more than just the 'Disney' side of Florida. These enormous boating waters are home to Bethel Creek Cove, Big Smokehouse Cove, Fort Mellon Park and much more - a paradisiacal retreat to call home during your stay in Sanford.

Sanford airport the gateway to...

Black Bear Wilderness Area

Distance: 11 miles

A natural habitat for Florida black bears, bobcats and white-tailed deer - the BBWA is one of the many natural wonders just a stone's throw away from Sanford Airport.

Lake Jesup

Distance: 4 miles

Connected to Lake Monroe by a series of fresh water streams, Lake Jesup is home to one of the more calming sides of Florida. Away from the golden sands on the coast, this woodland area is a real haven for inlanders.

Central Florida Zoo

Distance: 9 miles

Just 10 minutes away from central Sanford, Central Florida Zoo is an easy day out. With hundreds of different animals to see and learn about, there is plenty for the kids to do. Plus, the high ropes assault course gives the adults a chance to play as well.