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Hiring a car from Rhodes airport

Rhodes is a place where old and modern worlds collide with style. From the narrow streets of the bustling mediaeval Old Town to the sandy strips of the beach, you cannot fail to find something to suit your taste. Beyond the city lays a traditional island with beautiful countryside, scenery and villages to explore.

Why hire a car at Rhodes airport?

That all-important first mile - driving out of Rhodes airport:

60-second guide to Rhodes airport

in its own head

"We've been invaded by Greeks, Persians, Ottomans, Venetians and Italians, and taken the best of everything they had to offer. You don't get much more multicultural than that."

but more realistically

Rhodes does not beat you over the head with its cultural influences, but all the evidence is there for those willing to look for it. It's an understated island, waiting to be explored.

the vibe

Whether you're a medieval historian, an olive-oil obsessive, a beach-loving family or a wannabe club rep, you'll find somewhere to suit you on the island.

the natives

Rhodes has been invaded more times than a Hollywood star's privacy, but despite this the Rhodians are a placid lot. The pace of life is sedentary and the people are warm and friendly.

the weather

It's safe to say you won't need to pack an overcoat. Rhodes enjoys more sunshine than any other Greek island. It starts to get hot in May, with temperatures peaking in August and falling during October.

the local speciality

Make sure to try pitaroudia (courgette fritters), which are a big favourite in Rhodes. Or, for meat lovers, try Kapamas - oven-baked goat meat with chickpeas.

the celebrity

Cleobulus was a great philosopher and sage in the sixth-century BC and was born in Lindos. One of his most famous sayings was, "Moderation is the best thing."

did you know?

The island is named after the nymph Rhode. According to Greek mythology, sun god Helios made Rhodes as a gift to her. That must have put him in the good books for a while.

they say

"A fine exemplar of the holy trinity of sun, sea and history that gives Greece its timeless appeal." - Max Davidson, The Daily Telegraph.

Rhodes airport Q&A

Where are the car hire desks?

Car hire desks can be found in the arrivals hall.

What should I buy at duty free?

The climate of Rhodes is great for farming fruit and vegetables. Pick up some plum jam for a lasting taste of Rhodes you can take home.

Are there any cashpoints?

Cash machines and a bureau de change are available in the terminal building.

Where's the best place to eat?

There is a restaurant and cafe onsite, or a number of kiosks for snacks and drinks.

The secret tip

If shopkeepers place your change on the counter rather than into your hand, they’re not being rude, this is the norm.

Rhodes airport the gateway to...

Rhodes City

Distance: 8 miles

Rhodes city, capital of the island, manages to blend ports and beaches with mediaeval castles, ancient walkways and excellent shops and restaurants. Explore, or pull up a seat in the sun, slurp a Frappe and watch the world go by.


Distance: 6 miles

This village on the northern coast is ideal for anyone wanting a taste of traditional Rhodian life and hospitality. In fact it’s so welcoming that in 2004, it launched a campaign to reward returning visitors with a 'dedicated friend’ award. You don’t get friendlier than that.

Petaloudes - Valley of the Butterflies

Distance: 12 miles

Just a few miles inland, this valley provides the perfect opportunity to escape the heat and enjoy a little tranquillity. Filled with forest walkways, waterfalls and thousands upon thousands of butterflies, this is an absolute must see.

5 to see in town...

1. Avenue of the Knights

Gargoyles glare down at you from the high walls of this perfectly-preserved medieval street, once the home of the crusading Knights of Rhodes.

where to park?

You can park just off Ipoton Street in Charitos Road.

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2. Palace of the Grand Masters

Not the luckiest of places, the original palace was destroyed in the 19th century when a bolt of lightning hit the gunpowder store. In the 1930s the Italians rebuilt it as a summer palace for Mussolini. It is now a museum, containing sculpture, mosaics and antique furniture.

where to park?

It is safe and free to park on the streets off Ipoton Street.

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3. Faliraki Beach

A short hop out of Rhodes Town takes you to the most popular beach on the island. Arrive early to secure your patch of sand and just soak it all in.

where to park?

There are designated parking spaces for visitors.

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4. Mandraki Harbour

Mandraki harbour was the main harbour of Rhodes for almost 2,500 years and it is believed that the Colossus of Rhodes - a huge statue of Greek god Helios - once guarded the entrance. Considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World, even Helios would be envious of some of the millionaire's yachts moored here these days.

where to park?

The surrounding roads provide ample space for parking.

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5. Lindos Beach

Enjoy the sparkling waters and fine beach of Lindos, before bringing back memories of Blackpool by taking a donkey ride up to the Acropolis. The ancient citadel overlooks the bay and was used in the filming of The Guns of Navarone.

where to park?

There are designated parking spaces for visitors.

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