amalfi coastSitting back in my chair and dreaming of locations to visit for future holidays brought back fond memories of some of my most favourite trips. Most of which feature a mountain or two! Personally I cannot think of anything better than jumping in a car and setting out for an adventure!  I guess I’m lucky to work for Holiday Autos and have the added benefit of being in easy reach of a hire car for my trips, but you can do the same too and explore beyond the easy to reach locations.  Having compiled a list of our Top 5 Drives in Italy and starting with my personal favourite I recommend you take on at least one of the drives whenever you’re in Italy. Just hire a car and set out to explore some of the most stunning views!  Please let us know if you have a personal favourite or if you visit any of our Top 5!

The Stelvio Pass, Passo dello Stelvio

This route which climbs up to 9000 feet is the highest paved mountain pass in the north-eastern Alps. Taking you through 48 hairpin turns as the road ascends past waterfalls, cyclists who like a challenge and the odd cow, this one really is a jaw-dropper. Even on a sunny day the peak can be chilly so take a jumper and your camera, the views from the top are sensational.

Great Dolomite Road, Strada della dolomiti

The-Stelvio-PassThis route cannot be completed in its entirety by public transport, meaning that those who rent a car at Holiday Autos are joining something of an exclusive club. This northern, 65 mile stretch of road extends along a number of hairpin turns as it winds its way through the mountainous landscape between Bolzano and Cortina. The drive should only take around two hours, but you’ll want to stop every couple of miles to take pictures and admire the view. Pack a picnic.

Amalfi Coast, Costiera Amalfitana

This stretch takes you along the south coast between Sorrento and Salerno and is considered one of the most scenic drives in the world. You’ll want to stop off to not only take pictures, but call into the any and all of the towns, or ‘thirteen pearls of the Amalfi’ along the way. The first is the village of Vietri sul Mare, which clings to the slopes of the Monte san Liberatore and is revered for its production of finely handcrafted ceramics, a tradition here since the 15th Century. This route between Sorrento and Salerno in less than thirty miles long, but to really enjoy it and see everything properly we recommend you allow a whole day.

Tuscany Hills, Via Chiantigiana.

Perhaps the most famous of Italy’s landscapes are the rolling hills of Tuscany and you can cruise through them along this route which takes you from southern Florence, to the traditional town of Siena. Taking you past remote villas, small villages and miles of colourful hills and meadows, this is one which demands you roll down the windows, breathe deeply and relax. This is what holidays are all about.

Aurelian Way, Via Aurelia

They say that all roads lead to Rome, and if they do, then this must surely be the most scenic and satisfying to drive. This traditional route takes you from the town of Grosetto along coast hugging bends, through national parks and rural communities under a Tuscan sun. Of course, if you do it in reverse and collect your car hire in Rome, you can enjoy this scenic drive heading out of the city and end your trip at Castiglione della Pescaia. This historic beach town which lies just a few miles to the west of Grosseto is the perfect place to have dinner with a view of the islands of Elba and Giglio as the sun sets. Bliss.


Hope you enjoy!  Please let us know of any other drives you think is worth of a Top 5 spot!