Did you know that we don’t just secure the best deals for regular car hire; we go the extra mile to offer the best deals on luxury hire cars at Holiday Autos too, because when it comes down to it, holidays or not, don’t we all need a little luxury now and then?

There are some occasions and events that simply require a vehicle with a little more prestige than usual. Here are just a few of the exceptional cars we can broker the best deals on for you:


Every now and then a wedding, christening or family get together comes along and even though you could spend a few hours washing and waxing the car you use for work every day, hoovering up the crumbs from spilled snacks and washing the kids sticky fingerprints off the upholstery, you know that the car will never buff up quite as well as you might like it to for such as special occasion. Imagine instead that you’ve dressed in the new outfits you’ve bought, picked up your buttonholes and are arriving at the venue to step elegantly out of a shiny, purring, Mercedes S Class or Bentley Continental GT. Doesn’t that sound better?

When Monday comes around and you return to your old, faithful car, try not to hate it too much.


Ok, so after months or years of waiting you’ve managed to bag two tickets to the big game, that restaurant, theatre, casino or racetrack you’ve been wanting to go to and best of all, you’ve got a date you really want to impress with your spare ticket. If you need glamour, then you need transport which lives up the rest of the evening or weekend you have planned and you don’t get a car that makes much more of a style statement than a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Mercedes Maclaren SLR. These vehicles demand the attention of onlookers, not only with their bold and lavish appearance, but the dominant thrum of their engines.


If you’re heading out into the country for a weekend, there’s nothing like sailing up the driveway of a country estate with the sound of gravel crunching under the wheels of your 4×4. Arriving in a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Range Rover Vogue somehow kick-starts a decadent experience in a way that a regular car can’t. Maybe it’s sitting at a higher position? Maybe it’s the handling, or the weight of a substantial vehicle? Whatever it is, it oozes a special appeal and like any of the other prestige cars we offer, you won’t want to give this one back.

Book yourself a luxury driving experience and send us a picture along with your feedback, we’d love to hear about your swanky adventures!