tenerifeTenerife is one of the most popular holiday destinations that we arrange hire cars for because no matter what time of year you go, the weather is always warm. Millions of people head to the island every year and there are hundreds of attractions and activities to enjoy, which makes is a brilliant holiday destination for everyone, but particularly for anyone travelling with children. There’s so much to see and do that we thought we’d give you the lowdown on just one of the most popular holiday activities and tell you about the island’s top three swimming spots…

Aqualand, Costa Adeje

This waterpark is one of two on the island and perhaps the best for anyone travelling with children of primary school age and over. For little ones there’s a choice of pools which look like a regular playground, a crazy golf course or a jungle all set in shallow pools for them to explore, plus a daily show of dolphin acrobatics. Aside from that there are of course a variety of chutes and slides which include the ‘Tornado’, a slide which works much like a giant sink that swills you round and around until you drop down the plughole in the middle, plus plenty of others which are all designed to let you race against your other half, get dizzy with twists, challenge you to face your fear of heights and just generally scare your pants off! There’s plenty of places to get something to eat or drink and find some shelter to escape from the sun, and a jacuzzi spa for parents who need somewhere calm to lie down and recover from all the excitement. If you book your tickets online in advance, you can receive a discount on the entry fee.

Siam Park, Costa Adeje

This oriental themed water park is the biggest on the island and although it’s located quite close to Aqualand, it offers families a totally different experience. Perhaps more suited to young adults and teens, this park seems to transport you from Tenerife to Thailand. Here, the chutes and rides you’d expect to find in any water park take you up high, rounds twists and turns and through dark tunnels past lost cities, temples, dragons and volcanoes. But, what makes this park unique is not so much its design, but its other attractions which include a floating market where you can pick up some lunch, go shopping, or relax with a traditional Thai massage, a hangout for sea lions and a wave machine which is specifically designed to help you learn to surf.

Lago Martianez

For families looking for something a bit more relaxing, this natural water park in the north of the island is perfect because it gives you all the pleasure of sunbathing and swimming in the ocean’s saltwater, where you can enjoy its waves with the added security of being in a safe complex. There are several large pools which have islands in them that you can swim or wade out to, plus waterfalls and caves to explore and splash about in.

On top of that there are of course hundreds of beaches to spend time on and you can dip your toes in the ocean from any of them.

What are your favourite swimming spots for families in Tenerife? Send us your pictures and we’ll add them to our photo gallery.