Wingin’ it Works

When I stepped off the very first flight of my travels, I was well prepared. I’d decided to start my adventures in Europe to see how I’d fare out there on my own and when I landed in Dusseldorf, I had my Lonely Planet Guide to Germany, a phrase book, comprehensive travel insurance and […]

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Crossing Over to the Other Side

When you book international car hire, you might expect that the road rules in your destination country differ and that you’ll probably have to drive on the other side of the road. What you might not anticipate is that this will also involve driving on the other side of the car.

Here are a few […]

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Travel Technology Must-Haves

I’m very lucky. Because I work for Holiday Autos, I get to travel – a lot. Ever since I was young and my grandfather took me on my first overseas holiday to Malta, I knew that visiting foreign countries, immersing myself in other cultures and trying their foods, their fashions, their way of life […]

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